Tuesday, 24 January 2017

A New-Look Creative Doctors Writers Night in 2017

We're taking a fresh approach to Writers Night this year.
Hilton Koppe
As well as the usual opportunity to network and share our creative work, we have invited a very special guest.
The wonderful Dr Hilton Koppe, North Coast GP and international football player with the famous Docceroos soccer team, has agreed to lead us in some creative writing exercises. Hilton is almost as famous for his creative writing and teaching skills as he is for his football skills! He has presented his  "Beyond the Medical Record" writing workshop internationally, including at the examined Life Conference in Boston in 2015 and even  for Creative Doctors that same year! You can see how proud the folks at Lennox Head are of him in this article in the local paper. He is also a published writer of poems and short stories.
Hilton will lead us in some writing exercises on the night that will be fun for everyone, including those of us who don't (yet) do any writing at all.
We also invite you to bring along copies of your published work for sale or any unpublished recent work you may wish to share.

Join us for Writers Night:
7.00pm Thursday 30th March 2017
Heritage Room, Moore Park Golf Club
(Enter off Cleveland St to onsite parking)
Here's the map
RSVP to Dr Howard Gwynne at howard@aya.yale.edu as soon as you can - it will be a great night.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Performing at its Best

If you are a doctor with a performing bent you really need to listen to this. It's a monologue by American actress Ruth Draper. It's not new - Ruth died in 1956 - but its a timeless masterpiece. Ruth wasn't a doctor but this piece happens to be about doctors. That's my excuse for writing about it here!

Friday, 6 January 2017

A Doctor by Day and a Poet by Night

If you stick to the big chain movie theatres you probably haven't seen Paterson. It's a great new movie, worth seeking out, that sits somewhere between art-film and mainstream movie. 
As long as you are not into action movies, which this one is definitely not, you'll love it - even if you don't know anything about modernist American poetry.