Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Who is this delightful and mysterious young woman and what is she doing?

It's our own Isabel McTigue competing in the World Artistic Skating Championships in Spain last month
I wonder what Isabel future patient's will think if they ever find out she once, in 2014, represented Australia at the World Championships for artistic roller skating? I wonder what they will think if they find out she was the 7TH BEST WOMAN IN THE WORLD in inline freestyle skating!
Here are some more photos of Isobel in her non-medical mode.

How cool is that!!

Congratulations Isobel from everyone at Creative Doctors and Active Locums.


Vincent McCauley said...

Thanks for letting us know how Isobel went. It would be great to hear from her what the experience of competing was like.

Margo Hoekstra said...

One of the funky doctors at the last performing night doing hula hoops

Brendan McPhillips said...

Is this a first - medicine and rollerskating. Maybe a second, after Hippocrates came 5th in the javelin on ice at the 258BC Olympics.
Congratulations Isabel!
And remember we saw her at Camelot before she was world-famous

Jan Orman said...

Is this true about Hippocrates??