Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Bringing Your Stories to Life

Creative Doctors Writers Night 2018 is on Thursday April 12th at Moore Park Golf Club and this year we are taking a slightly different look at story writing.

It is true that we all have personal stories that just won't leave us alone - stories from our work and stories from our lives. Drawing on both oral and written traditions we hope with this event to encourage Creative Doctors members to bring those stories to life - and maybe even to create something tangible from them.

Some of our number have already volunteered to tell a first person story in the campfire tradition. They will have 5 minutes to tell their story in an engaging and entertaining way. "Story slamming" like this  has been made popular in recent years by organisations the US  the Moth but, it has to be admitted, the tradition of storytelling around the campfire goes back a whole lot further than when the Moth began in the 1990s. It's even possible that it started before the campfire was invented!

You can listen to  some great examples of oral storytelling on The Moth website by clicking here.  

On Writers Night  2018 Dr Hilton Koppe will come to listen to our stories with us. He will lead us in some exercises to help us find ways of making our real life stories into something more than just dinner table conversation. Even the greatest raconteurs amongst us can do with a little extra help from time to time!

When: 6.30pm 12th April 2018
Where: Heritage Room, Moore Park Golf Club
RSVP please to Dr Howard Gwynne howard@aya.yale.edu