Monday, 27 August 2018

A website to help support your creativity

I've never quite been able to understand why I am on LinkedIn, thinking, as I do, that it's mostly about people networking to find their next job. I'm not so keen on getting another job, as it happens! However,  every now and again something comes to my attention that makes me pleased I am there.

This week I got a contact request from fellow named Richard K Potter. The name meant nothing so I looked him up and got a pleasant surprise. 

 Richard is an artist who also runs a website called Creativity 4 Wellbeing (C4W for short). The site is all about promoting health, wellbeing and a sense of belonging through creativity.  It's about sharing creative ideas and about supporting people who want to start an activity group or an art workshop in their own community.

Richard is actually a visiting lecturer in Narrative Writing at the university of Brighton so his skills are not limited to visual arts. He seems to be particularly interested in using creativity to help people with mental health needs.

Take a look at the site. Here's the link again if you missed it the first time: Creativity 4 Wellbeing. If you don't get inspired to start a community group I'm sure you'll  be personally inspired by some of the fabulously creative ideas.

Here's a link one of my favourite project ideas on the site, the treehouses.