Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Cooking Up Some Creative Ideas

Here's something for you Creative Doctor cooks, and a story to go with it that might inspire you.

Tamika Woods is a young woman with a passion for art and cookery that stems from a childhood and adolescence where lactose and gluten intolerance forced her to take a keen interest in what she consumed. Her artistic heart was not happy with the "ordinary" stuff.

She's a girl who won't let obstacles get in her way. Since completing her training as an art teacher
Tamika has embarked on further studies in nutrition. She puts it all together in a beautiful blog called  Sproutly Stories.

This month Tam launched her first e-book - a week's worth of fabulous breakfast recipes. It comes with a promise that if you make them for a week not only will you feel better for it but she will give you back your $10 investment if you can prove you have done so. There is creativity in everything she does - including the marketing approach! Here's a link to the e-book if you're interested. The Morning Mission e-Book. Its worth clicking through to the blog just to look at the pictures.

We are all hoping her inspiring and nutritional gluten and lactose free recipes and gorgeous food photos are a great success

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Performers Night 2016

What a slacker I have been - no posts since April! I have to admit that I get discouraged as I'm never sure if anyone is actually reading them
I do need to tell you that Performers Night is on again