Friday, 12 September 2014

Isabel McTigue - Representing Australia on Roller Skates

Medical student Isabel McTigue wowed the crowd at Camelot last year with her illuminated hula hoops and, in 2014, returned to do it again, this time with her sister Annie, and both of them on roller skates!
Isabel at Camelot in 2013
Inspired by the figure skating at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Isabel and her younger sister Annie (also a medical student) did the best they could to emulate the Olympic stars with the facilities they could find in rural south-western WA. There wasn't a lot of ice available, so the roller skating rink in Bunbury, 20 minutes drive from their home town, became their second home.
"We’d always loved rollerblading, dancing and athletics, and artistic roller skating looked like the perfect combination of these. We started classes there on weekends and before we knew it we were at the rink six days a week. I love the fact that skating is a high impact sport that combines fitness, strength and agility with grace and artistry."
Isabel and her sister Annie in a quieter moment
at Camelot in 2014
Now Isabel is off to Spain to compete in the World Artistic Roller Skating Championships in late September. She won silver and gold medals at the National Championships this year and is representing Australia in Spain in inline figure skating.
"This will be my first World Championships - I can't explain how excited I am! Even better, I'm studying Medicine/Arts with Spanish as my Arts major, so the location couldn't be more perfect" 
Click here to read more about Isabel and see some great pictures of her in both her roles.
There'll be more news about Isabel (and lots of sparkling pictures) next month, after the World Championships.

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