Monday, 26 January 2015

Important Information for Doctors Who Write

I just cranked up my search engine to do a little research about doctors who become writers. I'm looking for some good role models to take me into my retirement.

Along the winding trail through the Google forest I've found something else - a website with a great list of Creative Writing courses, conferences and workshops for doctors.
Here's the link to the list. You'll notice that high on this American-based  list The "Doctors Who" program sponsored by the Medical Journal of Australia at Veruna in the Blue Mountains. The Doctors Who website needs updating but I was chuffed to see it there nonetheless.

Next link down the list is to The Examined Life Conference at the University of Iowa scheduled for April this year. Look carefully at the website's banner and you may well see someone you know.

Sorry if I've led you astray, no its not Dr Who - it's our own Dr Hilton Koppe presenting a workshop at a previous Examined Life conference. Hilton will of course be busy this year presenting our own workshop (see previous posts) which has just  a few places still available

You'll see in the list  that there are also a links to information about the Medical Humanities program at Stanford, the Hippocrates Prize for Poetry and Medicine (you can read and hear excerpts from the winning poems by clicking here) and many other initiatives of interest to doctors who write including creative writing workshops at the University of New Mexico, Taos and at the University of Toronto.

Further down the same page there's also a long list of journals that publish creative writing by or about the health professions. We'll be expecting to hear about the things you've been getting published and your workshop experiences as the year progresses.

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