Friday, 5 September 2014

Our Evening at Camelot

It was Creative Doctors Performers Night last night and what a great time we had!
Surrounded by camels (yes, I mean it) we sat stunned while act after act of talented medicos showed us how they wasted their leisure hours. From bluegrass fiddle to jazz piano, from slam poetry to spoken word performance; singer-songwiters, impromptu poets and hula hoop skaters all graced the stage of Camelot. Several short films rounded thing as out nicely. Doctors can do anything (and they do it very well)!
A number of performers came back for more this year after we cheered loudly for them in 2013, but we also had quite a few newcomers. The well of talent is very deep. It was also very satisfying to see many people there who had just come to see and hear the spectacle.
We are so lucky that our event sponsor, Judith Babich from Active Locums, is as taken with the Camelot Lounge as we are – she’s keen to do it all again next year, and so are we.

I’ll be back with more detail on the performers and performances when I catch my breath. Howard tells me he has some great photos.

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