Monday, 20 October 2014

Help me out!! Tell me if I should keep bothering.

I have now made 20 posts to this blog. I am still very keen to get the Creative Doctors message out there.
I know from the Google stats that people are looking at the blog but I don't know who they are or if those who look are the only people receiving its content.
If you like this blog please sign up to get email notifications of posts. (There is a place to do that at the very bottom of the right hand column on this page). If you get email notifications please click through to the blog itself rather than just reading the email. If you click through, the stats tell me you have visited but I won't know that if you just read the email.
MOST IMPORTANTLY, please make some comments! The place to do so is at the top of the right hand column (right now it is just beside this post) or you can just click where it says how many comments there have been in the box below each post. (The advantage of doing it via the box below is that you don't need to give your email address.)
ALSO, have a close look at the box below this post and you will see that  in that box are some tick boxes labelled "interesting", "cool" and "inspiring". Please tick these boxes if you agree. (If you want to make negative comments you will have to go to the trouble of typing them in!)
If you make a comment it will not appear on the blog straight away because I've got it set so all comments are moderated. Your comments will however appear pretty soon after you make them.
Let me know you are out there!

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Vincent McCauley said...

I think you are doing a great job and the content is very intersting