Tuesday, 21 October 2014

There's more to creativity than just staying sane - it actually might make us better doctors.

Here is some reading material to help convince you of the importance of your creative pursuits (Click on the titles of the articles to link to them):

What Are You Doing Creatively these Days? is an article from the November 2012 issue of Academic Medicine which deals in detail with the reasons why doctors need to nurture their creativity.

Danielle Ofri MD (Joon Park)
How Creative is Your Doctor? is an article by New York Times blogger and Assoc. Professor of Medicine at New York University School of Medicine, Danielle Ofri, from March 2013 in which she expands further on the subject of the importance creativity in both diagnosis and treatment and the importance of being able to "actively consider ideas that don't normally sit together".
She says "We need to flex the oddball neurons that connect the disparate corners of our consciousness. They need to be honed in the same manner as muscles at the gym, with ongoing stretches and workouts."

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