Thursday, 15 December 2016

Get ready! - The Camelot Lounge is Booked for 2017

Little Pattie, Dave Eisinger and the Band
Put on your dancing shoes, warm up your vocal cords and put some spit and polish on your stand-up shoes! The Camelot Lounge is booked for Thursday 20th July 2017 for our annual Performing Doctors extravaganza!

2017 will be Creative Doctors 6th year at this fabulous venue. Our history there has included performances by a whole array of doctor musicians, singer songwriters, spoken word poets, dancers, roller skaters, hula hoop artists, comedians and even a fabulous band or two. We have shown the occasional short film and even hosted the occasional VERY famous special guest. Who knows, maybe one or two of our doctors may also be famous in their creative lives one day.

This year was no exception to the excitement rule. There were several old hands and some spectacular newcomers. The line up included short films by Sameh Younan, Tony Chu and Tony Chu (yes there are two of them); original music from Nick Brennan, Brian Gutkin and Alana Bruce; jazz and blues improvisation at the piano from Peter Klug; songs from Loyola McLean, Sam Warhurst and Chris Lemon (who sang with a big band in a previous life); comedy and music from Tony Korner and of course, the resounding finale from Dave Eisinger and the band who, again this year, brought along the legendary Little Pattie as their special guest.

The folks at the Camelot Lounge do a fantastic job for us each year. The light and sound equipment is very high quality, they provide a professional sound technician to help us with the details and the food and beverage service is always friendly and efficient.

So, be ready for 2017! Performer's Night will be earlier than usual next year to encourage a few more people to come out and party instead of sitting at home studying for their end of year exams.

Watch this space and your email inbox for our Performers call-out and mark it in your calendar if you want to be part of the audience - it will be the event of the year!

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