Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Win a free registration to the 2015 Creative Doctors Writing Workshop

We know you just haven't got around to it yet but you really must register for the workshop soon while we still have some places.
In case you haven't heard about it yet yet we're having a full day writing workshop called Beyond the Medical Record presented by Dr Hilton Koppe (read about Hilton and his work HERE) on Saturday 21st March at Moore Park Golf Club in Sydney
For more information and to register for the workshop contact us via this blog
We'd love to see you there

If you'd like to win a free registration at the workshop the Black Dog Institute is running a writing competition looking for the best 200 word anecdote involving the use of online mental health programs and resources. It can be funny or serious, a success story or a not so successful story, or just an opinion piece but it must involve online mental health resources in some way.
Entries received by 18th February will be eligible to win the prize and all entries will be eligible for publication in the new e-mental health blog, due to be launched this month.

For more information about the competition or to enter the fray contact us via this blog using the contact form on the right


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