Monday, 10 November 2014

Why you shouldn't fret over broken sleep.

Click here  to read a great article about sleep in the current issue of the online magazine Aeon that will have you wishing you could have a few more sleepless nights.
Karen Emslie, a Scottish writer, artist, photographer (click here to see  her photostream on flickr) and nocturnal wanderer, has pulled together some provoking thoughts about the history of human sleep and why broken sleep is a "golden time" for creativity.

While you're on the website have a closer look at Aeon - it may be a good place to submit your writing. According to their homepage they publish on science, psychology, technology, philosophy, society, culture and health

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Brendan McPhillips said...

How strange that what we see as the 'normal' sleeping pattern is, in fact, a recent invention. I'm reminded of a book I read some years ago - Sources of the Self by Charles Taylor, which looks at the philosophical underpinnings of how we conceive of ourselves in the West, going back to the Greeks. Surprisingly, our 'modern' view of ourselves as individuals is only a few hundred years old. Hmmm .... might set the alarm for 1am tonight.