Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Invitation to a World Premiere in Sydney

Dr Tony Chu
Creative doctor Tony Chu and the Chair and Board of Take Heart Australia have extended an invitation to all Creative Doctors to the premiere of Tony's new documentary film "Making Hearts Beat Again". The documentary centres around a Community CPR event held at Sydney's Luna Park, which was held to celebrate the inaugural Take Heart Australia Day in May this year. Here's a link to the trailer

Tony directed and produced the documentary as well as performing as interviewer.

Take Heart Australia is a new not for profit organisation with a single aim - to increase the rate of survival of Australians after sudden cardiac arrest.

The screening will be held in the Auditorium at the Charles Perkins Centre at the University of Sydney on Tuesday 2nd December at 6.30 (for a 7.00pm start)

Hurry to RSVP to premiere@takeheartaustralia.org by Friday 21st November

And here's something else that will tell you more about Tony - an excerpt from his "Film Industry Dictionary" published recently in the news magazine of the Australian Chinese Medical Association":

FILM INDUSTRY DICTIONARY (what film people are really saying!)


I'm a writer = frustrated director
I'm a director = frustrated actor
I'm an actor = frustrated human


to pitch = grovel shamelessly
to research = procrastinate indefinitely
to collaborate = argue incessantly


It needs polishing = Change everything
It shows promise = It stinks rotten
It needs fine-tuning = Change everything
I'd like some input = I want total control
It needs honing = Change everything
Call me back next week = Stay out of my life
It needs tightening = Change everything
Try and spice it up = I have no idea what I want
It needs streamlining = Change everything 

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