Friday, 18 October 2019

Visual Arts Night 2019

Of course I didn't get away with failing to report on Visual Arts Night!
Robyn Coleman, who exhibits regularly at Creative Doctors Visual Arts Night has provided me with some reportage so that those of you who didn't make it will have an idea of what went on.

Here's what Robyn had to say:

"We had a wonderful night on 3rd October at our annual Creative Doctors Visual Arts Night, with exhibitions of some fascinating works.

Howard Gwynne provided an interactive display of "inner life " photos. Participants identified the photos they most connected with their own inner life and that of their parents. There were some fascinating photos and putting self-adhesive dots on the photos allowed people to see which were the most popular. Interestingly a very disapproving photo of Queen Elizabeth II scored the most dots to represent our parents inner lives. Therapy anyone?
Howard also displayed a favourite piece of glass art  made by another member, Marc Grunseit, that represented beautifully the inner and outer aspects of life. 

Marc was there too. He has finally retired from making glass art, for which he is internationally acclaimed, and has moved on to other sculptural media. He brought a new sculptural piece for us to admire which illustrated that his talent extends way beyond his old medium. If you have an orthopaedic interest you may be able to identify some of the materials he used in the photo

Work by Kai Lin Lie

Work by Sadhana Desai
Kai Lin Lie showed us the life studies she has completed in only one term of study at the Royal Art Society in North Sydney. Fabulous work!

Another former doctor, Sadhana Desai, is now devoting most of her time to art and exhibiting with the Kuringai Art Society. She showed us the beautiful wildlife inspired work she has been doing. She has been experimenting with depicting Australian wildlife incorporating patterns and shapes reminiscent of her Indian heritage.  The results are startling.

Tom Klug and his recent sculptural work

Tom Klug brought his fantastic surrealist-inspired photographs from a few years ago, and a wonderful sculpture that is part of his current artistic interest.

Robyn Coleman and part of her
Sydney to Hobart series

I presented four works that are to be exhibited in the 75th Anniversary Sydney to Hobart Race Exhibition at the Maritime Museum in Hobart. I also provided some earth pastel cards from my Antarctica and Flinders Ranges series which were popular. (These are also available from my instagram site @robyn_coleman)

Julie Gottlieb and her work

Finally Julie Gottlieb presented some of the haunting portraiture for which she is so well known.

Cliff Hing's creative streak is taking a slightly less visual path. We all enjoyed sampling the products from hte Hunter Valley vineyard and winemaking venture (Baringbah) that is his current  creative obsession (read more about it here) and the delicious catering so generously provided by Judith Babich of Active Locums

Thanks to the committee for organising the event. It is always a pleasure!"

And many thanks to Robyn for contributing that post.

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