Saturday, 29 April 2017

On a Wintry Night in Camelot

Performers Night is coming early this year!
Performers Night is always full of all sorts of surprises!

Because we couldn't wait a whole year to do it again we've booked the Camelot Lounge for Thursday 20th July for this year's CD Performers' event.

What a great way to spend a cold winter's night! Eating and drinking and screaming with delight at the antics of our more theatrical colleagues. (Or even eliciting those delighted screams if that happens to be your thing)
Save the date and come and join us. Previous years have been a great success and there's no reason to suspect this year's Performers Night will be any different.

Camelot Lounge, for those who've not been there, is a great little venue in Sydney's Marrickville with everything a performer could want to enhance their performance and everything an audience needs for a terrific experience
To perform or be part of the audience
RSVP by contacting us using the space in the right hand column of your screen or contact Dr Howard Gwynne at
We'd love to hear from you!

Cnr Railway Parade and Marrickville Rd
(Plenty of street parking and right near the station)

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