Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Free Online Course in Medical Humanities

Creative Doctors has just found a free online course in Medical Humanities.

Susan Levine and Steve Reid

The course will be presented over 6 weeks for 3 hours a week by Dr Susan Levine (anthropologist) and Prof Steve Reid (general practitioner) from the University of Capetown, and delivered through an online education provider called "FutureLearn".
Beginning on September 21st the course promises to "question our propensity to separate the body from the mind in healthcare, consider what defines humanity, and share points of connection and difference between art and medicine" . It sounds to us like something that would be of interest to many Creative Doctors, especially  since it will also allow an online exchange of ideas with like-minded learners from all over the world.
Here's a link to more information about the course

FutureLearn is an interesting find. Launched in September 2013 it offers free online courses from respected institutions and cultural organisations from all over the world, including many universities in the UK, some from other parts of Europe and two Australian universities, UNSW and Monash University. You may like to look at some of the other courses the website has to offer. In the Creative Arts and Media section, for example, we found courses ranging from dental photography(!) to filmmaking and fiction writing.
And, in case you want to go back to subjects medical, there's a course on  Clinical Supervision with Confidence (find it here) designed for those supervising trainee doctors being offered by the University of East Anglia starting on 17th August (4hrs a week for 2 weeks) that might also be of interest.

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