Friday, 31 July 2015

Damn the Slam - it's done!

Missed the Slam?
Damn! We had a
damn fine time of
rhythm and rhyme
humour and wit and
more than a bit
of politics
left and right
(but mostly left)

Mariam's a wonder -
no wonder we all love her
did the job, found the guests
did her best
love poems
while her man just smiled and
added up the scores

Her special guests
set the bar pretty high
but the bar was nigh
and the docs didn't flinch,
didn't give an inch
steeled as they are for a fight to the death
to see who's best
in any kind of tussle
where wit not muscle
brings the spoils

There was medical madness, sadness, badness,
and a little joy
but boy, very little
for it seems
the dreams of docs
are haunted
by what they've seen
and been made to do
so soon

But they made us laugh and
click with delight
on a black winter's night
on a bright red stage
with comments sage
unfaltering rhythm, impeccable rhyme
alliterating, iterating, titillating,
scintillating, stimulating, motivating

Thanks from Creative Doctors to:
Dr Mariam Chaalan, the Red Rattler Theatre  in Marrickville (what a great venue!), Judith Babich of Active Locums and special guests Will Small and Jonathon Davis and the 70 plus finger-clicking audience members who all had an amazing experience.


Howard Gwynne Photo blog said...

This post slam slam is fabulous. Captures the spirit of and red glow
of the night! howard

Vince said...

Amazing glam slam - Damn sham(e) I missed it :-(

Sally Swain said...

A doctor I ain’t.
I’m a healer with paint.
I use ‘lila’, which means divine play.
Your poetry slam
sounds delightful. I am
Most regretful that I was away.

from Sally Swain
(the Reigniting Creativity person in previous blog post)