Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Creative Doctors Needs a Logo

We need your help.

Creative Doctors needs a visual identity and we'd like to invite all our visual artists and would-be visual artists to help us create one.
We plan to have a logo competition soon but we have no prize and no judges just yet. Don't let that stop you from thinking about it though.
We need a simple but meaningful logo to put on our brochures, signs and banners to announce our presence. It needs to resonate with our aim of encouraging creativity in the medical profession in the interests of doctors health and wellbeing.
I'd like it to have some orange in it but that's just me (you've probably noticed already that it's my colour du jour)
Start designing everyone while we work to get the competition up and running. Wouldn't it be great to have our banner flying at Camelot!

DON'T FORGET the next Creative Doctors events for 2015 are:

Writers Night at the Black Dog Institute in Randwick
on 18th June (for logo inspiration read about the award winning Black Dog Institute Logo here )and
Performers Night at the Camelot Lounge in Marrickville on 10th September

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