Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Come With Me to Iowa City

I just looked at the program for the Examined Life Conference in Iowa City this month and can't believe I am not going to be there.
Here it is. If you are interested in Medical Humanities and are not going to be there the program will make you weep!

Our own Hilton Koppe will be there of course - but there is much, much more.

University of Iowa
I note that two of the editors of Pulse - voices from the heart of medicine, an online magazine which publishes health related literature, will be there talking about using writing to help take on the Goliath of the medical system. (To my knowledge two of our Creative Doctors have been published in Pulse. Here's a link  to a piece from 2011 by Dr Sue Ogle, geriatrician from Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney).
There are also sessions on memoir writing, using writing to help medical students, developing a writing program for residents and using literature to promote "reflection and discernment".


My eye was also taken by a session on knitting, but it turns out it is an essay on the metaphor of knitting as healing rather than a talk on knitting as therapy (a personal favorite of mine).

The conference is in my diary for 2016 already!


Genevieve Yates said...

It's a great conference. I got to attend (and present) in 2012, and wrote about it here: http://genevieveyates.com/slice-of-life/miscellaneous/the-examined-life-conference-iowa-city-april-2012/

Genevieve Yates said...

Regarding the wonderful Pulse... here is my piece, Adam, which was published in Pulse Magazine, October, 2010, http://www.pulsevoices.org/index.php/archive/stories/167-adam
It was later included in the Pulse anthology of short stories in September 2012: Pulse–voices from the heart of medicine: More Voices: a second anthology [Paperback]