Monday, 4 August 2014


Here we go! Launch Day for the Creative Doctors Blog.
I'm struggling a little with the technology but it looks like we are up and running. Welcome everyone -thanks for dropping in to see us.

Just to get us started I've posted some beautiful pictures here and under the Original Visual Art tab by Organising Committee member Howard Gwynne. You can see more of these on his personal blog at and there will be poetry from Margie and Jan coming soon. Jan's new story "Sex on Thursdays" can be found under the "Original Words" tab

If you are a creative doctor and would like to send us a contribution to the blog please do so.

If you have any strong opinions or personal stories about the value of creativity to mental health (or health generally) we'd like to hear those as well.

We're looking forward to hearing what you have to say.

Photographic works by Dr Howard Gwynne:

the colours of anxiety

The figure (both of us) is small, jittery and red; the world around is big, overwhelmingly full of energy and colour and demanding attention.  The colours are bright, but intense and shrill - like a fingernail scratched on a board.  The puzzle of anxiety is its full of impending happening – the ingredients of life are there in over abundance - like a juggle with a hundred bright balls in the air at once and all about to crash down in my shaking, grabbing hands.

 the feel of depression

The bent over, downcast, slow moving figure surrounded by blowing greyness reflects the hopeless, insomniac, worthless, slowness, symptoms of depression. But more than anything the picture captures the trudging sense of emptiness and unrelenting bleakness that GPs and the families of the depressed see and live with. This is the perspective of incomprehensible endlessness rather than the depressive’s walled prison.


Vince said...

Great work - extraordinary to see you doing this given your history. Change is still possible. I'm jealous :-)

Jan Orman said...

Until now only you knew what a luddite I have been!