Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Bringing Your Stories to Life

Creative Doctors Writers Night 2018 is on Thursday April 12th at Moore Park Golf Club and this year we are taking a slightly different look at story writing.

It is true that we all have personal stories that just won't leave us alone - stories from our work and stories from our lives. Drawing on both oral and written traditions we hope with this event to encourage Creative Doctors members to bring those stories to life - and maybe even to create something tangible from them.

Some of our number have already volunteered to tell a first person story in the campfire tradition. They will have 5 minutes to tell their story in an engaging and entertaining way. "Story slamming" like this  has been made popular in recent years by organisations the US  the Moth but, it has to be admitted, the tradition of storytelling around the campfire goes back a whole lot further than when the Moth began in the 1990s. It's even possible that it started before the campfire was invented!

You can listen to  some great examples of oral storytelling on The Moth website by clicking here.  

On Writers Night  2018 Dr Hilton Koppe will come to listen to our stories with us. He will lead us in some exercises to help us find ways of making our real life stories into something more than just dinner table conversation. Even the greatest raconteurs amongst us can do with a little extra help from time to time!

When: 6.30pm 12th April 2018
Where: Heritage Room, Moore Park Golf Club
RSVP please to Dr Howard Gwynne howard@aya.yale.edu

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Snippets from Camelot - Nick Brennan

Nick Brennan joined us again the year at the Camelot Lounge to sing and play two more of his original compositions. Usually Nick sticks to his guitar, but this year he hauled his banjo out of the attic for one of the songs and showed us just what a versatile musician he is!

Nick's day job is as a geriatrician at St Vincent's Hospital in Sydney and at War Memorial Hospital in Waverley. Each year he organises a concert at War Memorial Hospital with special guests and proceeds to charity. This year the concert is on Saturday 23rd September from 7.00pm to 11.00pm with special guests "Naomi and James" and proceeds will go to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.

If you were unlucky enough not to have seen Nick perform at Camelot here's a link to some of his music Nick Brennan in Triple J Unearthed (beware if you go looking on the net for him. There is another Nick Brennan who is a young country music artist - that's not our Nick. Follow my link to find him!)

If you'd like to be at the concert give Nick's secretary a call on 93690238 and she'll be happy to sell you a ticket or two for $25 each. You can also email Nick on nicholasbrennan@health.nsw.gov.au
For the price of your ticket you get drinks as well as the concert and you get to share the food everyone brings as well as share yours with others. You can buy tickets at the door but I do recommend you book in advance as these concerts are very popular and usually packed to the rafters.

As a bonus you can CLICK HERE to find the lyrics of one of the very moving original songs that Nick performed for us at Camelot.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Snippets from Camelot - Hawkeye Reis

Hawkeye Reis
Studying medicine can jolt you into real life pretty suddenly. Ali Cimen (AKA Hawkeye Reis) is in his fourth year as a medical student at the University of Western Sydney. He sang “Tough” at Camelot last week, his heart-rending song dedicated to “King”, a patient he met in palliative care.  

Here are the lyrics:

I used to run eight miles every day, young man,
See that's what you did back then,
No iPhone, no laptop computers, just you,
Your two legs, your two hands
I was training for the army you see, young man,
All my friends had gone to war,
Sixteen nine months I snuck my way in, saw some things I did,
Saw some things you wouldn't understand.

Now my shit just collects in a bag on my chest,
And I need someone there just to help me get dressed,
And the doctors keep saying that I should just rest,
So I sit here all day, stuck in this bed,
While my legs,
Just waste,
Oh my legs,
Just waste,

My wife's lost her mind, young man,
She wanders around in a world of her own,
She needs me, She needs me at home, young man,
Where's your compassion? Don't you understand?

Now my shit just collects in a bag on my chest,
And I need someone there just to help me get dressed,
And the doctors keep saying that I should just rest,
So I sit here all day, stuck in this bed,
While my legs,
Just waste,
Oh my legs,
Just waste,
Oh I'm going to break this bed and run away

See I was a tough, old bastard, young man,
What have you done to me, what have you done to me,
Yes I was a tough, old bastard, young man,
What have you done to me, what have you done to me,
Yes I know where I'm headed, young man,
Oh I know where I'm going, young man,
Let me go home, let me go home, let me go home,
See I was a tough, old bastard, young man,
Look at me now

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Performers Night Photo Gallery

Curious about the Creative Doctors doings at Camelot last week?
Click HERE to see the pictures

Love your work everybody concerned!

Friday, 21 July 2017

What a night we had at Camelot!

Camelot Lounge was busting at its seams last night with a house full of doctors and their friends and family for the annual performers gig. It was a night of exciting, varied and high quality entertainment. Who'd have thought that bagpipes and burlesque could work so well on the same bill!

Many thanks to the entertainers for their fabulous efforts and the audience for rolling up in great supportive numbers. Thanks too to the fabulous staff at Camelot who have now hosted SIX wonderful shows for us.
But most of all, thanks to Judith Babich from Active Locums who has unfailingly supported us as our sponsor for all these years.
This is what Judith has had to say about Performer's Night 2017:
"Huge congratulations to you all for another wonderful event  at Camelot last night.  The Performers Night was, as always, very inspiring and there were  many highlights.  It was a great turnout and an interesting and well balanced mix of doctors and medical students. 

Active Locums Pty Ltd  is very proud to sponsor such a fine and talented group of doctor performers  which allows them to explore and nurture their creative side. Everyone had wonderful time and I am already looking forward to next year's performance."

We'll post some pictures when Howard has recovered enough to provide them!

Here are some more doctor-friendly events coming up in 2017 that you might like to know about:

Doctors Gerard Ingham and Genevieve Yates
  • From 14th to 17th September the Parade Theatre in Randwick will host "GP: The Musical" on the back of last year's sold out season in Melbourne with a cast of talented doctors. The show was written by NSW GP Genevieve Yates (on whose blog you can find photos and video clips of the musical and possibly even some familiar faces) and Victorian GP Gerard Ingham. Tickets are available on the NIDA website  

  • On Thursday 5th October Creative Doctors present our Visual Arts Night at  North Sydney Community Centre. Doctor artists are invited to show their visual art accomplishments - from photography to felting, portraits to pastels, bookbinding to beading, sculpture to sandcastles - everything is welcome as long as we can see it and it's art and a doctor (or medical student) did it. More details later on the blog.

Members of the NSW Doctors Orchestra with founder
Dr Cathy Fraser at centre back (on flute)
  • NSW Doctors Orchestra's 2017 performance in the afternoon of Sunday 5th November at Chatswood Concourse (also sponsored by Judith with proceeds to aid research into Huntington's Disease). Special guest at the concert will be Slava Grigorian who will play the wonderful Rodrigo guitar concerto! More details on their website soon.